In the tax area, the firm is structured on two fronts: the preventive area and the litigation area. In the preventive area, the firm acts to offer prevent action to its clients in order to avoid tax assessments and procedures, in addition to structuring the tax planning of companies seeking, in a lawful way, the reduction of tax costs and the reduction of eventual risks in operations tax assessments.
In the contentious tax area, the firm stands out for its performance in the judicial and administrative area. An important differential is the performance supported by a strategic analysis of the clients’ demands, not only from the legal perspective of tax credit, but also from the fiscal scope, with a view to the identification of theses and strategic procedural forms of action that significantly increase the chances of success at the end of the discussion.

In addition, the firm advises its clients on federal, state and municipal inspection procedures, devising strategies that reduce the risks of a tax assessment or that allow a greater chance of winning in administrative and / or judicial discussions. The area also assists in the strategic analysis with a view to the adhesion of ordinary and extraordinary installments of tax debts.


In tax practice area we seek to act with the objetive of providing to the client legal security and respect for the current legislation, implying a reduction of the tax burden, either through preventive consultancy and tax planning, or through performance in administrative and judicial litigation.

The consultancy is provided by means of consultations responses, issuing opinions and guidance on the legitimacy and implications of the procedures and decisions to be adopted by the client, concerning legislation, tax administrative acts and also the appropriate tax impact.

Tax planning involves a preliminary study of the client’s tax burden, followed by the presentation of objective solutions to obtain greater legal tax savings, which may include corporate reorganization and / or the search for tax benefits.

Furthermore, it consists of tax planning for business activities, integrated with corporate, succession, family, financial, real estate and other areas of the Office.